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Joypod: Mass Effect 3 (It's a bit spoilery)

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#1 PhilWal


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Posted 31 March 2012 - 17:51

"Sean and David are joined by Jon Denton (Chet and Jon's Reassuringly Finite Gaming Playlist), James Denton (Gameburst) and James Day (Citizen Game) to discuss absolutely everything about Mass Effect 3."

Great podcast guys. It's a little crazy to hear how everyone's playthrough is slightly different due to the weight of two games of decisions being reflected in the world around you. It's also a good showcase for how good the music was in the game too. Although you left out the map music.

#2 CraymenEdge


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Posted 16 April 2012 - 08:58

I've listened to this but pretty much forgotten everything you talked about. :s

Listening again now. I had the issue where my appearance didn't import over, despite the numbers being the same - the skin colour, hair style, and most of the facial features were wrong.

Re: the sense of urgency thing. A couple of times in the series Bioware gave themselves kind of an out: it's mentioned it took the Reapers nearly a century to wipe out the Protheans in the previous cycle. It is a bit a weak, as excuses go.

I just remembered one of the best bits of my playthough: Telling Kaiden no when he asked to come back onto the Normandy.

#3 Bakers_12

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Posted 09 May 2012 - 07:54

Just finish this podcast, top stuff. It was amazing hearing all the different out comes you guys had for the missions in the game , hats off to bioware. I loved how in the final all the options had pros and cons to them making it a hard decision.

The only thing missing was there was no talk of the multiplayer which is proper brilliant too.

#4 gingineer

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Posted 16 October 2012 - 22:13

Just completed Mass effect 3. I played it on the playstation 3 so only did ME2 and 3.

My fem shep did well, I didn't loose anyone from ME2 (i had a couple of pointers from friends before playing) and my playthrough of ME3 went almost as well.
I only completed it with the extended cut and i can confirm I totally understood it and felt good about my choice. I don't believe that the way you play your game should determin the choice at the end. but that was untill i saw the indoctrinate you tube vid.... I choose blue, so i don't want to accept the indoctrinate arguement as it means I failed. after 60 hours accross both games, I failed.

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