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Joypod 63 - The one with the bit about Booth Babes

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#1 capwn

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Posted 13 October 2012 - 18:23

Was listening to the latest episode and the discussion about 'Booth Babes' felt a bit one sided and felt compelled to a perspective that was really missing. Here a few points of discussion that jumped out for me...

How can Eurogamer ban 'BoothBabes and then be ok with semi naked cosplayers being there?

My take on it is that they have no problem with semi nakedness, it's not illegal. If someone turns up naked they will be arrested but it's perfectly acceptable for a woman to be seen in public in whatever clothing they desire. The key point here is that Eurogamer are endorsing the companies with the 'Booth Babes' but they have no official business ties with the cosplayers other than allowing members of the public come dressed how they like. Another way to put it is if they organised a comedy festival and one of their acts was somebody making racist jokes it gives the organizers a bad name and they would need to apologize, yet if someone in the audience shouted racist comments during an act they wouldn't feel the need to apologize.

If that woman dressed as Chainsaw Lollypop is seen on the premise it is her own choice where as the companies have dictated in meeting rooms about what these booth babes wear in the name of money. The cosplayer has control. The booth babes are told what to wear, even what to say to some extent. They may have it in their contract that it's not acceptable for any member of the audience to touch their breasts but what about someone placing the hand on their lower back? what if a guy shouts 'You're fucking hot!'? In most cases they won't be able to do anything about it. 'It's sort of expected' with their line of work. Just like how it's 'sort of expected' for a woman to be raped if she is out wearing a revealing outfit. Yet it shouldn't be expected at all, it's the fault of the rapist. We should be helping to creating a society where people don't rape and not instead make women choosing to wear revealing outfits feel bad about themselves.

If Eurogamer released a cosplay video that primarily focused on sexy shots of the women that would be hypocritical but I've watched it and it's fairly 50/50 for both sexes and doesn't zoom into women's parts etc.

- Sex sells and marketing companies are going to use that.

Sure it sells but that doesn't make it morally correct if the content is harmful.

- Perhaps reason for banning was because of creeps? Such as guys who go up close with cameras etc.

No. Even if everyone at Eurogamer was respectful to these women it would still be harmful.

- why is it ok to use violence to sell a game but not sex?

Sex is ok, great even. 'Sex' isn't the right word, the question you're really asking is "Why is it ok to use violence to sell a game but not objectifying women?". Once you ask it like that you start to realize the problem. Visual violence can be both exciting and harmful to both sexes where as objectifying women is intended to be fun for men and harmful to women.

Hope this post may give some perspective.

#2 Sly Reflex


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Posted 15 October 2012 - 01:15

Pen behind the ear! Pen behind the ear!

Pen behind the ear! Pen behind the ear!

Pen behind the ear! Pen behind the ear!

Pen behind the ear!!!

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