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Top 5 Individual Games

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#1 Tyrion


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Posted 14 November 2012 - 13:55

As promised, it's top 5 time again, this time it's the individual games that you love or loved to play. Games from ages past, the defining game of a platform or the one excellent nugget from a miserable series, it doesn't matter.

5) Primal
Gonna chuck this in here as an outsider. As far as I know, hardly anybody played this game, but I did and a loved it. It was a Tomb Raider alike, but from a Sony first party studio you knew you were getting quality. Try to find a second hand copy and play it on your old PS2.

4) Hitman: Blood Money
One of the very select few games I've ever completed and gone back to get 100%. I played this on PS2 and managed to get a Silent Assassin rating on every level, even if it was on normal difficulty.

3) Populous
The original God Game, I don't think anything has quite lived up to it. I spent most of a year playing this on my Amiga while at university, it was the only thing that could pull me away from Sim City the first.

2) Tomb Raider
This was my no.1 gaming series, but the original game was the best. The atmosphere was perfect, there weren't too many human enemies to make Lara a mass murderer that she turned into in the latter games. Best of all were the puzzles, level-spanning meta puzzles with switches opening doors to more puzzles, the series didn't really get back to this, even Anniversary trimmed the original game.

1) Elite
The daddy! This is the one game I've put more time into than any other. I played on C64 and actually re-arranged my bedroom to make it more cockpit like so I could play this game properly. Looking forward to seeing what Mr Braben does with Elite: Dangerous. I reckon I could still dock manually without scraping the sides. :-)

So go on, show me yours! Or argue the hell out of mine.

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#2 Sly Reflex


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Posted 15 November 2012 - 19:59

In no particular order.

5) Gran Turismo

Up until Gran Turismo came out pretty much all games featuring racing were arcade style affairs that could deliver all that they were worth in 10 minutes. Sure, a lot of those games were great and all, but Gran Turismo moved the goal posts and it moved them so far. It had so much content in it that it took me forever to complete and grab all the cars. I played it for the entire of '98 and throughout the year of '99. I've fond memories of spending time behind the wheels of my TVR Cerbera LM and my FTO LM. Good times.

4) Halo Combat Evolved

I originally bought my Xbox so I could play Project Gotham Racing as I loved MSR (R.I.P. Dreamcast). The bundle come with Halo. I tried it and didn't think much of it, I'd come from a computer game background and I'd seen better. One night me and a friend decided to play it on legendary settings in co-op and it totally changed my perception. Eventually all my friends ended up buying Xbox's so they could play too and we'd have big LAN events round at each others houses. It was the very definition of competitive gaming for me. Everybody was on the same level, same hitboxes, same weapons, same input devices. It was just skills that separated players. It really was the first FPS to really get it right.

3) Battlefield 2

The first PC FPS I really got into. I played FPS' online before but it was this title that really gelled with me. I found people I liked playing with and became aware of how a game works mechanically. When you know how something works and how your team mates are supporting you it really feels like you are a bigger part of a picture and that you are important, no matter how insignificant you feel you can always find a niche in this game that needs to be filled.

2) Rock Band (any of the main cannon)

I can play real guitar. It doesn't stop Rock Band being a whole shed load of fun. You have to hand it to Harmonix, they know how to make playing fake plastic instruments fun.

1) Elite

Yeah, I'm not even going to argue. Elite is one if not the greatest game ever made. I don't really need to go into detail here, we all know how we feel about this game.

Honorable mentions to Gears of War, Theme Park, Grand Theft Auto III, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Left 4 Dead, Worms, Deadly Premonition, Rez and hundreds of other games that could have made the cut. We are truly spoiled for good games.

#3 haritori


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Posted 16 November 2012 - 13:17

No Order:

5) Day Of The Tentacle:

Always loved point and click games from Monkey Island, to Beneath A Steel Sky to Flight Of The Amazon Queen, Scumm enigne games were the best and my favourite was this game, also the first game i bought on CD! but i didnt have a CD drive so had to return it and swap for Floppy Disk version. Frustration!!! Stupiidty!!! FUN!!!

4)Tie FIghter:

I bought this gaem not having a clue, as to what it was really, just a pic of a Tie Fighter and Vader on the front lured me, and boy i was addcited,

3) Final Fantsy VII:

My first JRPG, i bought a PSone pretty late on, and got it with battle arena toshiden, which was fun and all, but this was the first game i felt a real story and belonging too. the nostalgia here is huge, i would genuinly give anything to go back and play again all fresh. i put hundreds of hours into levelling, chocobo breading and trying to get the knights of the round materia!

2) Gears Of War

the reason i am putting this on here, is purley because its the last game i felt thtat childhood excitment over seeing, this made me buy a 360, i didnt even finsih the game, but it was the first true next gen of this gen game in my opinion, remember the mad world advert, used to give me goose pimples!

1) Mario 64

do i really need to go into this, for every reason every one else loves it, I consider one of the if not the best game every created!!

Mentions, Tomb Raider, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Theme Hospital, Lemmings, Final Fantasy VIII, IX, Grand Turismo 1 + 2, Resident Evil, Call of Duty 1, 4, Black Ops, Monkey Island series,

ps never really liked elite! #ducks#

#4 miacid


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Posted 19 November 2012 - 14:39

This has taken me a while to try and narrow it down to 5 and I'll list them in date order.

5) Repton 3

To start with this is my avatar, so shouldn't be a surprise this makes my top 5. For those that haven't played it (you really should give it a go) it was a puzzle game release in 1984 and I was in Junior School and we were allowed to play it before class and at lunch times. I have fond memories working out the levels with class makes and then getting it for my Acorn electron and being able to play it at home.

4) Sonic the Hedgehog

Doesn't really need much of an introduction, although the reason this made the list was the sense of achievement I still remember when I completed it, I must have been about 13 and can still feel my heart in my throat as the water was rising on the penultimate level and the euphoria I felt as I beat the games. This was also one of the first games I completed.

3) Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Again another classic and it was hard not to list the N64 version, however the SNES version was my first real social gaming experience, which was usually after a night out with friends, the next morning we'd just chill out and race, quite often into the evening 8~)

4) Final Fantasy VII

Like haritori this was my first JRPG and again played with friends, we each had PS1s but would meet up a couple of nights a week to play this together, taking it in turns. Again like haritori, this is the first time a game made me feel emotion about it's characters, the scene with Aerith still gets me choked up. Unfortunately we kind of speed ran it, so didn't take in as much as we should have which meant the final battles were a marathon. Needless to say I ended up playing through it again solo afterwards.

5) Quake 2

This is where I made the leap from consoles to PCs and my first taste of FPSes. It was in my second job and we used to play it in our lunch breaks and after work, although I joined after they'd been playing for like a year, so had a massive learning curve. Wining my first game is another fond gaming memory and I can still hear the sound of picking up Quad damage.

This opened me up to a whole new world

This was harder than I expected when I started, there are so many games I have enjoyed that I'd want to list it could be a top 50 and as soon as I hit Post I'll probably want to come back and change the entire list!

Honourable mentions: Mario Bros, Tomb Raider 2, GTA Vice City, Gran Turismo 1, Diablo, Unreal Tournament, BattleField 3

#5 little-miss-c4


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Posted 21 November 2012 - 13:31

so many games to if i had my way my list would be in the 50s but my list of 5 are no order

Sega Rally Championship: i use to have to walk home instead of caching the bus and not having lunch as all my bus / lunch money would go into that arcade my mother got me a sega Saturn just so i would eat food at school lol

Halo: ever other friday night was halo night 4 xboxs 4 tvs 16 mates somthing that this generation has lost

Metal Slug 3: dose not matter what you play it on it plays the same i built a arcade cab just for this game 2d at its best

Tetris: i no 1 that has not played the game so easy till its not if you were to define a puzzle game it would be tetris

#6 Sly Reflex


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Posted 21 November 2012 - 21:20

I want to know how many Xbox owners didn't do the 4 xbox 4 tv set up in one house. It seems everyone I talk to has done it at some point.

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