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Aliens: Colonial Marines

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#1 haritori


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Posted 14 February 2013 - 14:04

What a fucking disappointment on a huge scale!!, just watched a video comparing the Demo vs Actual release, and the atmosphere, dynamic lighting etc is completely stripped!

I am massively disappointed in whoever actually made the game, i am a big Alien fan and this game pushed me even further away from gaming.

on another note, Ni No Kuni is awesome!!

#2 miacid


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Posted 15 February 2013 - 16:26

Had high hopes for this as well, was expecting it to get at least 7s.

I remember playing the first AvP game as Marines with the lights out and headphones on, listening to the beeps on the scanner getting closure and closure until the first Alien jumped out at me, I actually fell off my chair!

Just thinking about this on the Wii U with the controller acting as the motion sensor gave me chills and would have been a reason I'd of got a Wii U, now I have neither which makes me sad!

#3 Sly Reflex


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Posted 18 February 2013 - 04:20

You know, I still think it's worth playing games like this. My reasoning is that to know what a truly good game is you have to play the bad. Sometimes you play games that are great and start nitpicking the flaws of that specific game. It's nice to look at the other side of the fence and realise that the grass isn't always greener. It gives you an appreciation that something even the worst bits in a game might not be as bad as others.

I guess that's a more gaming philosophy thing. Sometimes just because something isn't as good as something else doesn't mean you cannot get any enjoyment out of it. I've enjoyed games that got less than critically good receptions and totally enjoyed them, in a similar way i can enjoy a crappy film that's full of plot holes, bad acting and shoddy special effects. It's all relative.

I'm not outright defending this game, I've not even played it yet. I just think sometime people have unrealistic expectations of what they are getting. I can see why they are annoyed from the older footage delivering promises it couldn't cash in, but this isn't the first game to do that, and neither will it be the last.

#4 elmo


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Posted 18 February 2013 - 08:26

You're not wrong. Also Chet and Jo spoke about it on their last podcast and made it sound fantastic in a 'so bad it's good way'

I definitely think i'll pick it up when it's on the cheap.

#5 Sly Reflex


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Posted 18 February 2013 - 11:06

I've played some proper turkeys that have been really fun in the right circumstances. Lost Planet 2 was a proper laugh, even though it's quite clearly one of the most dire games tom be put out over the last gen. Same goes for Mercenaries 2. Saints Row 2 was choppy as fuck, but it was still extremely fun.

#6 elmo


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Posted 18 February 2013 - 14:35

Yeah, I love it when you find games like that. Just awful but theres something there to drag you along.

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